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Pallet Racking Roller Shutters

Pallet Racking Roller Shutters
Pallet Racking Roller Shutters

Looking to secure high value items within your pallet racking bays?

Security Direct has helped our customers find solutions to this problem.  The biggest problem is the standard pallet racking is not designed to carry the extra weight of a roller shutter door.  A roller shutter to fit a standard 2.7m W x 5m high bay, can weigh anything from 300-400kgs.   A lot of this weight is at the head, when the shutter is in the up position.  The extra weight and forces the shutter creates at the head, could affect the racking structure and loadings. 

The other issue is the vertical legs of a normal pallet racking is only 2/3mm thick.  The steel is not thick enough to get a strong enough fixing for the roller shutter and is not designed to have a roller shutter fixed to it.  These thin legs may also twist whilst the shutter is moving up and down.

The only way to get around these issues is to make a special racking bay out of 100mm x 100mm Box Section, which is designed to carry the extra weight of a roller shutter. 

The most popular product we use on Pallet Racking Solution is the Commercial Metal Shutters.  It is a secure, cost effective roller shutter that can cover large openings,  available with Solid or Vision Slats, available in a range of different motors to suit the required number of uses.   If you need something that provides a high level of security, then we have our Insurance Approved Roller Shutters, which have been independently tested by the Insurance Companies.

Please   contact our Sales Team and they can help you find a solution.

Key Features
ApplicationPallet Racking
Product RatingMedium
MaterialGalvanised Steel
Lath TypesSolid, Perforated, Punched
Manual OperationSpring & Lock
Electric OperationSingle Phase - Tube Motor
Max Width7000mm
Max Height - Manual2800mm (Depending on Width)
Max Height - Electric7000mm (Depending on Width)
Box & Guides - Standard FinishGalvanised
Curtain - Standard FinishGalvanised
Lead Times10 working days

The standard Galvanised Steel Laths are 75mm high, curved single skin laths.  The laths are available in different thicknesses depending on the size of the shutter and the security required - 22G (0.7mm), 20G (0.9mm) and 18G (1.2mm). 

Perforated Laths are available at an additional cost - Provides 18% Vision. 

Punched Laths are available at an additional cost - Provides 32% Vision. 


At the Bottom of the Curtain you get the Option of a "T" Rail or "L" Rail.   "T" Rail comes as standard.   You can fit a Rubber Bottom Seal or Safety Edge to the bottom of the "L" and "T" Rail, at an extra cost.

3 mm Galvanised Steel end plates are provided as standard.   

Shutter Hoods and Fascias are not provided as standard, but are available at an extra cost.   Hoods will be supplied in sleeved sections which will need to be joined on site during the installation.  Alternatively hoods can be supplied in one section up to 6 metres long but this will extend production time and delivery costs.   

Box Sizes Internal
Clear opening height (to underside of box).
250 mm - 450 mm
As this varies depending on the width, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.

Box Sizes External
Clear opening height (to underside of box)
250 mm - 450 mm
As this varies depending on the width, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.

Traditional Guides are supplied with galvanised Steel guide angle.  The angle can be inset or outset if preferred, this must be clearly stated on your order.  The thickness of angle varies as below;


There are two types of Guide Rails  -  Standard "U" Channel, is provided as standard and comes is different sizes, depending on the size of the shutter.


Wind Lock Lock Guides are available at an extra cost.  Ideal when the shutter is fitted is windy locations or for extra security.


The Traditional Shutter is available both manually and electrically operated using a tubular motor inside the barrel.  The options priced are shown on your quotation which also shows the method of operation we have included. This list shows possible options which would incur different costs.



      Roller Shutters usually installed mainly over doorways or 
      Serveries are raised up and down by lifting and lowering the 
      curtain by hand.  The roller shutter has a spring in the barrel 
      which helps lifting the shutter.  As standard a central bottom 
      lath lock is provided which has a key in the bottom lath and 
      bolts shoot into the guides rails at each side.  The Bottom 
                          lath lock can be operated from both sides but has a secure
                              and non-secure side to the lock.  Optional bullet locks are 
                              available which are pins that go through the guide rails each side.

      ELECTRIC  - (N.B. minimum shutter width 750mm) 

      Electric shutters are usually fitted on larger openings where 
      Manual Operation is not suitable or where the operator 
      requires an easy, clean and user friendly type of operation.  
      Single phase tubular motors are enclosed within the barrel 
      giving full protection from the elements.  Electric Roller 
      Shutters can be controlled individually or grouped to one 
                              controller.  The controllers available include internal rocker 
                              switch, security key switch or Remote Control.  Manual 
                              overrides are available on Electric Roller Shutters which 
                              allow the shutter to be operated when the power to the 
                              shutter has failed.

The Traditional Commercial Steel Roller Shutters is available Galvanised finish or Powder Coated one of our 4 standard colours.  

Band A, Band and Band C are an additional cost.



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