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Insulated Roller Shutters

Our Insulated Roller Shutter Doors are ideal for helping with Heat and Sound Insulation in your business.   Do you want to try and reduce the business heat loss through the building?   Do you want to reduce the noise levels coming into or going out of your business? Then an  insulated roller shutter is what you need. We also offer insulated roller shutters for domestic use

Our Insulated Roller Shutters are manufactured from Steel and Aluminium with a foam infill, this will depend on the size and insulation required.   These shutters can be fitted internally or externally, depending on the application and site requirements.

For higher security applications we also have some Insulated Commercial Shutters that have been independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1 - 4.   These shutters are Secured By Design which is the Police and Insurance preferred specifications, so may reduce your premiums!!

The insulated industrial shutters are available in a large range of BS or RAL colours to match your company branding.  We have a large range of shutter controls from Individual operation, Remote Control, Group operation or can be integrated into your building management system.

Call our sales team today, for help and advice and we can help specify a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Why choose the High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?Our High Speed Industrial Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you are trying to reduce heat loss with a high volume of traffic going through the door.  The advantage of a High Speed Shutter over a High Speed Curtain, is the shutter can ..
From only £2,983.00
Why choose the Industrial Sectional Doors?The Insulated Industrial Sectional Doors provide maximum Heat and Sound Insulation.   The panels of a Sectional Door are double the thickness of a  Roller Shutter lath.   The 42mm thick panels are made up of steel skins with insulati..
From only £1,200.00
Why choose the Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?The Insulated Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you need Heat or Sound Insulation.  The laths are manufactured using a Twin Walled steel lath, with insulation between the skins.   The insulation laths provide a higher level o..
From only £1,406.00
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