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GFA provides a range of Control Panel and Accessories.   This page has a range of Videos and Instructions.

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TS971 Control Panel

  • TS971 General Explanation Video - CLICK HERE
  • Setting Up a TS971 Control Panel - CLICK HERE
  • Re-Setting a TS971 Control Panel - CLICK HERE
  • Adding Remote Control Fobs onto TS971 Control Panel - CLICK HERE
  • Benefits of the GFA Control Panel Maintenance Counter - CLICK HERE
  • Setting the Maintenance Counter - CLICK HERE
  • Checking the Number of Cycles of the Door - CLICK HERE


  • Fault Code F1.2 with Wireless Safety Edge - Stop CircuitCLICK HERE
  • Fault Code F1.2 with WIred Safety Edge - Stop Circuit - CLICK HERE
  • Fault Code F1.6 - Wireless Safety Connectivity Issue  - CLICK HERE
  • Fault Code F3.1 - Door is passed its normal Open Limit - CLICK HERE
  • All Fault Codes - (Downloads PDF) - CLICK HERE



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