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Fire Curtains - ResQ Window

Fire Curtains - ResQ Window
Fire Curtains - ResQ Window
Fire Curtains - ResQ Window
Fire Curtains - ResQ Window
Fire Curtains - ResQ Window
Fire Curtains - ResQ Window
Fire Curtains - ResQ Window

Why choose the Rescue Window Fire Curtain?

These Fire Curtains are designed to stop the spread of fire for up to 2 hours, but have the advantage of a vision panel fitted into the curtain.   The Rescue Window allows first responders to see through the fire curtain, after deployment to check the affected area for fire or people.   They are common on Lifts, Doorways, Corridors and Lobbies.    A fire curtain is designed to be in the up position at all times and it will only close in a fire situation.    The shutters have been independently tested and certified by Exova to Fire Standards BS476 and BS EN 1634.

The Fire Curtains are only available with a Single Phase Tube Motor.  The fire curtain is supplied as standard with a control panel which includes the Fire Alarm Relay and Battery Backup.  A switch can be fitted to the fire curtain to reset it after a fire activation.  There is also the option of an emergency release button, in case someone gets trapped behind a closed fire curtain and timed/staged decent. 

The Fire Curtain comes as standard in a Grey Kevlar finish.  The Box and Guides are Powder Coated White as standard.  The Box and Guides can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme.

Key Features
ApplicationDomestic, Commercial, Retail, Bar and Serveries
Product RatingFire and Smoke Rated - 2hrs
MaterialKevlar Fabric
Lath TypesFabric
Electric Operation6000mm
Max Height - Electric5000mm
Box & Guides - Standard FinishWhite
Curtain - Standard FinishGrey Kevlar
Lead Times10-15 working days

The Curtain is constructed of a stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric intended for applications exposed to high temperatures.   Grey Finish as standard.   

Rescue Window
 ResQ-Window™ (Patent Pending) translucent fire proof flexible composite panels were developed to address the need for visual light transmitting safety windows in a deployable fire curtain system. The window will remain clear to temperatures in excess of 200 °C and gradually transition to a white opaque structure as exposure temperatures rise to 1000°C .

The curtain is designed for doorways, corridors, lift shafts, hoistways and other areas where people and emergency services may need access.  The two transparent windows in the ResQ-Window™ curtain are positioned to allow a low and high level view through the curtain.
ResQ-Window™ panels will withstand direct flame at temperatures up to 1065°C for periods of up to 2 hours with no flame penetration and low thermal shrinkage, surpassing the requirements of ASTM E-119 fire endurance and FAR 25 appendix F.   ResQ-Window™ is strong, flexible and has no toxic gassing or surface flaming when exposed to fire. It will also provide an insulative barrier between the fire and unexposed side.
ResQ-Window™ is made from specialized high purity silica fabrics, extremely high purity silicone optical resins, and nano-particle silica opacifiers. High temperature thermal exposures will cause the view safe panel to convert to an ultra-high purity silica refractory in a “ceramification” process.


3mm Galvanised steel end plates with galvanised steel 3 side hood as standard.   Hoods will be supplied in sleeved sections which will need to be joined on site during the installation.  Alternatively hoods can be supplied in one section up to 6m long but this will extend production time and delivery costs.   Fascias and 2 sided hoods are available at no extra charge.
Box Sizes
200 mm - 220 mm -   As this varies depending on the height.
100 mm x 55 mm deep two pieces galvanised steel guide assembly which can be face or reveal fixed.  The guide rails are designed to allow for expansion when acting as a fire barrier.   The guide rail consists of an inner section which is face or reveal fixed into position.  The outer section conceals the fixings and is fixed to the inner section with rivet nuts.


The Fire Curtain is powered using a 24V DC tubular motor which is supplied as standard with a 4m 7 core cable.   This product is not designed for frequent use.  This product is designed to remain open during normal use and only to be closed during a test or an emergency situation. The motor and control panel features controlled descent or gravity fail safe in the event of a signal or fire alarm or power failure.


The advanced control Panel includes; 
  • Alarm input
  • Emergency Override input for Emergency Escape or Firemans Switch
  • Audio/Visual Output
  • 24v Battery Backup
  • Split Drop of the curtain to allow emergency access
  • Low Battery automatic close feature
  • Group Control facility
  • Safety Device inputs
  • Integrated Radio Receiver

The Fire Curtain comes in a standard finish of Grey Kevlar. 

The Box and Guides can be Powder Coated one of our Stock Colours below.  Depending on the Band A, B or C will depend on the additional cost.

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