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Fire Brigade Sliding Folding Doors

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Based on 2250mm x 2000mm

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Fire Stations

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Max Width

5000mm (Depending on Height)

Max Height

5000mm (Depending on Width)

Lead Times

30-40 working days

Why choose the Insulated Folding Sliding Doors?

Fire Brigade Sliding Folding Doors are essential for rapid response and high-traffic areas, especially in fire stations. These doors ensure quick and safe access, combining robust construction with advanced safety features.

In the event of a fire every second is crucial, i.e. all doors must open as quickly as possible after having triggered the alarm. The FE folding door is subject to spring force and it is unlocked using a pull rope. The door opens in seconds (without the need for electrical power). The opening speed can be set individually. The door leaves can also be closed very easily by hand from the outside. No need for convoluted spring tensioning as would be the case with conventional doors. It goes without saying that our doors meet the statutory stipulations for fire brigade folding doors as per DIN 14092-1

Features and Benefits

  • Speed and Convenience: Designed for fast opening, these doors can be opened manually or automatically, crucial for emergency scenarios.
  • Insulation and Energy Efficiency: Double-walled with PU foam or mineral wool insulation, providing excellent thermal performance (UD = 1.8 W/M²K).
  • Durability: Made of galvanised steel with optional powder-coated finishes, ensuring long-term resilience against the elements.
  • Customizable: Available in various sizes and configurations, with options for windows, vented grilles, and different surface finishes.


  • Size Range: Width: 2250 – 4500 mm, Height: 2000 – 4500 mm
  • Materials: Steel with 50 mm thick insulated panels
  • Operation: Manual or electric with various control options
  • Safety: Equipped with safety features like self-monitoring accident protection devices, photocells, and anti-clamping profiles.


Ideal for fire stations, workshops, car wash systems, and other high-traffic areas where rapid access and durability are critical.


Features and benefits:

  • Resistance against wind loads per EN 12424 class 4 (tested with 2500 Pa)
  • Air permeability: per EN 12426
    class 3 (<6 m³/hm² at 50 Pa)
    class 4 (<3 m³/hm² at 50 Pa)
  • Thermal insulation: EN 13241-1, Annex B EN 12428
    UD in W/(m²K)* (installed door 3,5 x 3,5 m)
    PU foam: 1,9 | Mineral wool: 1,8 | Mineral fibre board: 2,0
  • Noise insulating (ISO 717-1)*
    PU foam: 26 dB | Mineral wool: 32 dB
  • Water penetration resistance as per EN 12425 with/without bottom buffer*
    PU foam: class 2 (50 Pa), class 3 (120 Pa)

Size Range

Width - 2250mm - 5000mm

Height - 2000mm - 5000mm

Door Leaf

Made of box-type edged steel sheets with all-round mount for EPDM rubber accident profile (GUP). With top and bottom leaf seal and mounting bracket. Door leaf thickness: 50 mm

  • Insulation: PU foam
    Surface: primed similar to RAL 9016


  • Insulation: permanently bonded mineral wool, metal sheet thickness: 1.0 mm galvanised Surface: primed similar to RAL 9016
  • Insulation: mineral wool, Metal sheet thickness: 1.5 mm galvanised, Surface: galvanised blank.
  • Metal sheet special equipment: 1.0 mm PU foam 1.5 mm mineral wool (permanently bonded)

Door Frame

Lateral frame made of rectangular 50 x 90 mm pipe. Top frame profile with guide rail (U-profile) and relief level. Featuring bottom buffer at the bottom.
Installation in soffit.

Special equipment:
installation in front of soffit. Possible without bottom buffer. (For leaf coupling ≥ 4 leaves units per side require a bottom buffer.
On request for large-scale glazing.)

Special Equipment

  • Black steel/stainless steel hinges
  • Door stop/rubber buffer between leaves
  • Divided active leaf including buffer seal*
  • Wicket door without threshold including buffer seal*
  • Wicket doors with threshold including buffer seal(not approved for panic exits)
  • Wicket door always featuring central end leaf and two security bolts
  • Panic lock (latch lever function E)
  • Louvres, rain canopy
  • Fire brigade release function with pull rope for 2:2 folding method
  • Motor with dead man control
  • Pulsecontrol for power-operated doors as per EN 12453 (tested design version)

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