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Shipping Container Shutters

Looking to recycle a shipping container into a usable space?

We specialise is roller shutters for shipping containers and we can find a solution for your project.   We have helped our customer find solutions to the following scenarios;

  • Replacing the Double Doors at the end of the container.  These doors can be big and bulky, they take a lot of room up when opening.  A roller shutter is a neat solution and is user-friendly to operate.  If the shutter box can be fitted above the door opening, then this allows a full-height door opening.

  • Roller shutters to cover new openings cut into the container.  Additional window or door openings can be cut into the container.  The roller shutters can be used to close off the openings or as a secondary level of security.

  • Roller shutters can be used to partition the containers into different areas.  The roller shutters can be open and closed, to provide a flexible solution.

When headroom is limited then we have the Compact Aluminum Roller Shutter, which will fit into a 205mm shutter box, up to 3m high.  If power on-site is an issue then you can have the Manual operation, where you pull and push the roller shutter.  The shutter is locked at the bottom and shoots bolts into the guide rails at both sides, providing a neat and secure solution. Aluminium is lighter to lift, so ideal for manually operated roller shutters.  For ease of use then the roller shutters can be electrically operated.  The roller shutters can be grouped, so they all operate from one switch.

The RSA75 Metal Security Roller Shutter is a popular choice as it uses the Curved Galvanised steel curtain with the aluminium box and guides.  Some customers like the look of the industrial curved steel slats.   These shutters are available in Manual or Electric operation.

If you are not sure what you require or need further information on how the roller shutters will work in your container, Contact our sales team today.

Why use the Compact Aluminium Roller Shutter?The RA4 Roller Shutter is one of our most popular roller shutters, as it uses a compact shutter box and guides, providing a neat solution.  It also provides a high level of security, using a Twin Walled aluminium laths.  Ideal for Residential, C..
From only £383.00
Why choose the Metal Security Roller Shutters?The RSA75 Metal Security Roller Shutter is the most popular shutter for Offices and Shops up to 5.8m wide.   It uses the galvanised steel curtain with the aluminium Box and Guides.  The Aluminium guides are neater and more aesthetically pl..
From only £568.00
Why choose the Commercial Metal Roller Shutters?The RS75 Commercial Metal Roller Shutter is the most popular shutter for Offices and Shops.   It's one of the most versatile and cost-effective types of roller shutters and goes up to 7m wide.  The 75mm curved galvanised steel laths, are..
From only £552.00
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