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90mins Fire Rated / 90mins Insulation

90mins Fire Rated / 90mins Insulation
90mins Fire Rated / 90mins Insulation
90mins Fire Rated / 90mins Insulation
90mins Fire Rated / 90mins Insulation
90mins Fire Rated / 90mins Insulation
Why use the Schueco Janisol C4 - Fire Rated and Insulated Fully Glazed Steel Doors?

Our Schueco Janisol C4 Glazed Doors are thermally broken glazed doors offering 60 or 90 minute fire rating and 60 or 90 minutes insulation. Bespoke made to suit any size of opening or specification that's required. This is ideal for Communal Entrances, Shop Fronts or any application where a fully glazed fire rated door system is required.

Available in Single, Double or Leaf and Half options.  Fully glazed side panels and, or, over panels are also available. 

Available in Galvanised Steel 

Personnel, Fire Exit and Electromechanical Furniture Available

Fire Rated to 60 or 90 minutes with Insulation to 60 or 90 minutes, subject to hardware and spec requested. 

All bespoke doors take around 20 - 24 working days to manufacture subject to design, hardware and production levels. 

Large range of options and colours available. 

Door Sizes

All doors are bespoke made to suit any size of the structural opening required. 

Frame Construction

Material:- Galvanised Steel with a fireboard

Profile:- Single rebated or Double rebated frame available 

Leaf Construction

Material:- Galvanised Steel

Size:- 70mm to 100mm thick door leaf dependent on fire rating 

Core:- No core as Fully Glazed

Locking Options 

Manual Key Driven Hardware

Emergency Fire Escape Hardware

Electromechanical Hardware

No Locking but must have a closer and latch


3D Screw-on Hinges - Lift on Off. The amount of hinges varies on the size of the doors. 

Threshold Detail

Fire Rating 

60 Minutes Fire Rated and 60 Minutes Insulated with latch

90 Minutes Fire Rated and 90 Minutes Insulated with latch

Additional Options

Range of furniture, glazing options, door closer's and hold open arms 

Powder Coated Finishes 

Standard Finish is Satin. Matt, Gloss, Textured and Marine Finishes are available subject to availability.

Other colours available upon request. 

RAL & BS Colours


    From only £7,500.00 Based on 1000mm W x 2100mm H
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