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LPCB Security Rated Shutters

With the Crime increasing and becoming more sophisticated, the need for Independently Tested High Security Rollers Shutters, has never been greater.   Security Direct specialise in Roller Shutters that have been independently Tested and Certified by the Loss Prevention Council Board (LPCB).    The LPCB standards for testing Roller Shutters is LPS1175, Security Rating 1 -4.    The LPS1175 standards, test security products using a set of tools, over a set time.   The higher the level, the more powerful the equipment becomes and the longer the product is attacked.    Roller Shutters are tested from Level 1, which is entry level and designed to withstand an Opportunist Attack using bodily force and hand tools.   Level 4 is very high security, which is tested to withstand experienced attempts at forced entry using a selection of power tools.

We have a wide range of security rated roller shutters available to suit your application and budget. If you’re not sure which would be best, please get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

Why choose the Internal High Security Shutters?The RSA7501 Internal High Security Shutters are strong, effective and cost efficient for securing commercial applications.  It uses the galvanised steel curtain with either the aluminium Box and Guides or the Traditional Steel box and gui..
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