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The GfA-Stick coupled with the GfA+ mobile App lets you see exactly what's been happening to the door in terms of its operation and control.Plug in the Stick, download the data and get the real picture. The data readout includes the current settings and programming parameters, the last 6 faults,..
From only £83.69
The GFA Safety Light CurtainCategory 2 Type 2 certified safety light curtain, designed to safeguard any type of automatic door and gate. It has a maximum operating range of 8 m (26 ft) and can handle door speeds of up to 1.6 m/s (5.25 ft/s). 2 Heights available  - 1830mm and 2590mm..
From only £438.83
The GFA Safety Photo Cell Polarised Reflex Photocell - PES/9RRange up to 9mThru Beam PhotCell - PES/30TRange up to 30m..
From only £109.88
The GFA Safety Edge Kit for GFA TS971 and TS981 Control PanelsWired and Wireless OptionOptical EyesBottom Slat TransmitterAvailable in 6m or 10m..
From only £174.87
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