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77mm Insulated Aluminium

77mm Insulated Aluminium
77mm Insulated Aluminium
77mm Insulated Aluminium
77mm Insulated Aluminium
77mm Insulated Aluminium

For RA77 Insulated Aluminium Roller Shutter. 

  • Aluminium

  • Solid Insulated

  • Medium Security

  • 78mm high x 19mm thick

  • 5kgs m/2

  • Available in 10 standard colours

  • Stocked Lengths 7000mm

What length do I need the slats?

To work out the slat size, you need to:

1)    Measure the Overall Width of the Shutter, including the Guide Rails.

2)    Identify the Guide Rail, by measuring the width and depth of the guide channel.

Deductions from Overall Shutter WIdth

UPH250 Guide Rail  -   DEDUCT -  100mm overall

3)    The SLAT CUT SIZE = O/A Shutter Width MINUS the Guide Deduction

Bottom Slat

The bottom slat comes as standard with a rubber seal fitted.  
Powder-coated White and Brown.

If the Roller Shutter is Spring and Lock, a Bottom Lath can be factory fitted into the Bottom rail at an extra cost.


Standard  -  £1.03 ex VAT each
Fitted two per slat, every other slat. The endlocks are rivetted in place using 4 x 8mm rivets.


Guide Rails  

UPH250 Extruded Aluminium Guide with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing.  High density 7mm pile brush seals for quiet and smooth operation.

CURTAIN COLOURS  -  The RA77 Slat comes in the following standard colours;

From only £10.37